Titan Roofing is proud to offer custom metal roofing fabrication services and wholesale metal sheet fabrication in Isle of Palm to Greater Charleston SC roofers, roofing companies and property owners. We are a locally owned and operated roofing company in Isle of Palm that services the Greater Charleston Area. We have provided our clients, both residential and commercial with professional metal roofing repair and replacement services for the last 25 years and now look forward to providing other roofing companies with the quality metal roofing fabrication services that they need.

As a professional metal roofing company here in Charleston SC, serving Isle of Palm, we saw a need to offer custom metal roofing fabrication services to our existing customers, other roofing companies and individuals looking for wholesale sheet metal. Therefore, we have acquired the new Cidan K25-30 combi metal roofing fabrication machine. With this machine, we are able to offer made-to-order custom metal roofs that are high quality and perfect for your clients. We have a wide range of metal roof and wall panel systems to choose from and will work with you to pick out the best metal roof for your clients’ needs. We offer the finest details for trims, accessories and fasteners and can create custom panels that will fit any need for any property.

As a professional roofing company ourselves here in Isle of Palm and Charleston SC, we know and understand the importance of having a quality product to install on our local property owners roof’s. You can rely on Titan Roofing for the best metal roofing fabrication services in Isle of Palm, call 843-647-3183 for more information.